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My name is Romil Seth. I am an interdisciplinary designer. I focus on the UX UI design domain. 

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Dell Technologies 

UPD for monitors

The UPD stands for universal product detail page. This page helps the users to select preconfigured Dell monitors while purchasing. 


 Responsive Website  

Dell Technologies

Tech Specs for monitors

The project aims at the Tech specs feature of the product detail page for Dell monitors.


 Responsive Website  

Dell images (All rights to Dell technologies)

Dell Technologies

Compare similar models


 Responsive Website  

Dell Technologies

Hero tech specs


 Responsive Website  

Intuit Pvt. Ltd

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is an account management system and helps people to run payroll as well. There are multiple domains of Quickbook, I majorly focussed on Payroll and Enterprise. 

SaaS Product

Tax Withholding

Golden Pie Pvt. Ltd.

Research Project

The project aims at primary research which includes users interviews & persona creation.

User Research

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Keva Health Pvt. Ltd.

Keva Health Technology

The purpose of the project was to design a mobile app which would assist asthma patients and make their life safe.

Health care

Nacent Pvt Ltd.

Ceiced e-service portal 
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Nacent (Next India) Pvt Ltd.

Social listening tool for MLA's
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1 Thing design Pvt. Ltd.

eCdemy education solutions

The purpose of the project was to design a website for Kathmandu, Nepal campus division of eCdemy. 



Design Concept UX UI

Milk delivery app concept


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