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I'm Romil Seth a senior product designer focused on Ux Ui. Able to improve design for large applications by taking ideas from concept level to high fidelity wireframes, and testing them with users. In my opinion and past experience, I have discovered that the user experience of any product is not bound to the digital screen which the user interacts with. The experience is the journey of the user to achieve his/her desires.

Ux / Ui

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop, which is an account management system and helps people to run payroll as well. There are multiple branches of Quickbook, I majorly focussed on Payroll and Enterprise. 

Ux / Ui

Keva Health Technology

The purpose of the project was to design a mobile app which would assist asthma patients and make their life safe.


Ux / Ui

eCdemy education solutions

The purpose of the project was to design a website for Kathmandu, Nepal campus division of eCdemy. 

Ux / Ui

Ceiced e-service portal 

The project aims to digitise the manual process of ceiced electrical board and design an e-service portal for a better understanding of user application service.

Ux / Ui

Social listening tool for MLA's

The project aims to create a tool which compiles media and social coverage on one single platform for BJP Mla's of Gujarat.

Ux / Ui Case study

Milk delivery application concept

Ux / Ui Case study

Health care asst.

Ux / Ui 

GoldenPi Research Project

Visual communication  design

Self inspired

Self-inspired are the screens which depict my skills and design conceptualisation as a designer.

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