eCdemy Education Solutions. 

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01. Introduction to client

The Jyoti Group believes in the responsibility to ‘give back’ to society. Their partnership with eCdemy Learning Solutions, Canada is an effort in the direction to improve the lives of individuals in Nepal by bringing the most in-demand skills in eBusiness, eCommerce, Big Data, UX Design and Technology to Nepal.


In our economy driven by innovation and knowledge and in a society facing constant shift in business, political, scientific, technological, and environmental challenges, the skills of our workforces are crucial to our nation’s growth and competitiveness.

Jyoti Group and eCdemy Learning Solutions partnership are founded entirely on the mission to grow Nepal’s workforce ahead of the ever-expanding eBusiness and eCommerce industry, eCdemy is bringing internationally recognized experts and programs directly to Nepal, and developing an unparalleled educational opportunity. 

02. Project overview

The purpose of the project was to design the website for Kathmandu, Nepal campus division of eCdemy. The objective of the project was to update the users with proper information and details of the courses offered by eCdemy. Their mission is to match the passion of people with in-demand skills and creating opportunities to help them realise their true potential. The scope of the project is mentioned in the points given below.


  1. Understanding of client's vision & mission.

  2. Redesign the websites (UX & UI) (Wireframes & Final Screens).

  3. Understanding the programs showcased on the website.

  4. Simplifying the navigation of the website.

  5. The information architecture of the website.

  6. Login & Registration screens.

  7. Information about Course, Developers & Alumni

Phase two of the project includes LMS (Learning Management System).

This website is to be officially launched in Kathmandu, Nepal campus division of eCdemy.

03. My role & contribution

I worked on the project as a Sr. Product Designer. I handled UX and basic UI of the redesign for eCdemy official website. 


The initial UX started with understanding the vision and mission of the client and the business propositions they have for the users. The next step was to understand the users and their requirements to hone their skills in the field of digital media. 

04. Identifying users 

The eCdemy website has three types of users: 

1. Students These users are freshly graduated or pursuing their degree.

2. Working Professionals People who are working in the industry and have work experience. These users need to upgrade their skills in digital media in order to stay ahead. 

3. Women at Home These users are mostly women who work from home as freelancers. They learn new skills in digital media to get maximum projects.

Based on the user profiles a sitemap was made which helped create the wireframes for the website.

05. Problem statement 

Learning new skills and being updated with whats new is a necessity in today's world.

Different types of users should be able to access information and learn new skills. 

Going to universities just to learn new skills can become time-consuming as well as difficult at times.

Most of the skill-based courses in universities and institutes are costly and lengthy.

Due fast-growing industry it becomes difficult to be updated with a particular set of skills.

Due to an increase in competition in today's world, if one doesn't continuously upgrade skills they tend to lag behind.

06. Identifying design requirements  

After detailing out the problem statement, the design requirements for the website were identified. 

Clean and intuitive interface The interface should be simple and understandable for the users. 

Easy Navigation The website should have an easy flow and the users should be able to use the website easily

Responsive The website should be responsive and should be visible on multiple screens - Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

All the information regarding the courses and the website should be easily available on the website.

07. Sitemap 

After understanding the users and their requirements, the Sitemap was created which gave an idea of the flow of how the website works.

08. Wireframes for eCdemy website 

These are the final wireframes for the eCdemy website, the number on the wireframe is connected to the Tool architecture so that the navigation and the screens can easily be connected.

09. Final Ui designs

After working on the wireframes, final screens were worked on. These were designed keeping in mind the requirements of the users for eCdemy website.