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The Jyoti Group believes in the responsibility to ‘give back’ to society. Their partnership with eCdemy Learning Solutions, Canada is an effort in the direction to improve the lives of individuals in Nepal by bringing the most in-demand skills in eBusiness, eCommerce, Big Data, UX Design and Technology to Nepal.

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The purpose of the project was to design the website for the Kathmandu, Nepal campus division of eCdemy. The project majorly focused on the Ui and the navigation.

My role

I worked on the project as a Product Designer. I handled UX and  UI of eCdemy official website. eCdemy is a client of 1 Thing Pvt. Ltd.


1 Thing Pvt. Ltd. 



Product type



Screen Flows

Visual Design
Interaction Design

Tools used


Research & Insights

Identifying users 

The eCdemy website has three types of users: 

1. Students - These users are freshly graduated or pursuing their degree.

2. Working Professionals - People who are working in the industry and have work experience. These users need to upgrade their skills in digital media in order to stay ahead. 

3. Women at Home - These users are mostly women who work from home as freelancers. They learn new skills in digital media to get maximum projects.

All the research data was provided by the client. 

Defining problem statement

Problem statement from eCademy's perspective

  • Learning new skills and being updated with whats new is a necessity in today's world.

  • Different types of users should be able to access information and learn new skills. 

  • Going to universities just to learn new skills can become time-consuming as well as difficult at times.

  • Most of the skill-based courses in universities and institutes are costly and lengthy.

  • Due fast-growing industry it becomes difficult to be updated with a particular set of skills.

  • Due to an increase in competition in today's world, if one doesn't continuously upgrade skills they tend to lag behind.

Design requirements

After detailing out the problem statement, the design requirements for the website were identified. 

  • Clean and intuitive interface The interface should be simple and understandable for the users. 

  • Easy Navigation The website should have an easy flow and the users should be able to use the website easily

  • Responsive The website should be responsive and should be visible on multiple screens - Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

  • All the information regarding the courses and the website should be easily available on the website.


Visual design - Ui

After working on the wireframes, final screens were worked on. These were designed keeping in mind the requirements of the users for eCdemy website. The website has been updated now and looks different from what the design appears. But you can still visit onething design website.

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All data and information is copyright & trademark of 1thing Pvt. Ltd. & eCedmy.

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