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Research Plan for primary research

01. About Golden-Pi

Golden Pi is an investment agency which focuses on the Bond & Debentures market of India. They act as aggregators for Bonds and Debentures across Bond institutions, Capital Market Divisions of Banks and other players in the capital markets. Through there platform, they want to open up new investment options to the 70 MN retail investor segment across the country. Up until now, transactions in bonds and debentures occurred between a close-knit circle of large corporations and highly privileged individuals who could make large investments. Golden-Pi has opened up this segment to retail players with investment values as low as Rs 10,000 Lc per investment.
The project was focused on understanding the user segments pains while using the platform and increasing the convergent rate on the website. 

02. Research objective

  1. Understanding the awareness about bonds & NCD.

  2. Current buying journey while purchasing bonds & NCD.

  3. Understanding Terms/ vocabulary used for bonds & goals.

  4. Overall financial planning which is done by the users

  5. Comfortability in buying bonds from an online platform.

  6. Difficulties faced while buying bonds & deciding factors.

03. Methodology

1 on 1 User interviews.

04. Research questions 

  1. Do you invest in bonds & NCD?

  2. What were the goals for the last set of bond you bought? (Regular income, tax-free, capital gains and short term investment)? 

  3.  What were the criteria you considered while deciding on the bond? (safety, returns, issuing company,).

  4.  Did you face any challenges on identifying the bonds on Golden Pi as per criteria?

  5.  Did you find all the information you are looking for on Golden Pi?

  6.  Once you have identified the bonds did you face any challenges with the purchase journey? 

  7. Are there any other types of bonds you have invested in?

  8. How comfortable are you doing investment online?

  9. How do bonds fit into your overall financial planning? (importance)/ how important are bonds for financial planning?

  10. What do you consider a better investment FD or Bonds and why?

  11. How do you know about Golden Pi?

  12. What are the other platforms you search bonds for?

  13. Do you have any other inputs or suggestions for us?

05. Participants

  • Senior citizens over the age of 60 years.

  • Working individuals under the age of 50 to 60 years.

  • HNI (High Net Worth Individuals) Investments above 10Cr.

  • NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Want to do investments for family or parents living in India.

06. Recruiting Method

The recruitment of the candidates was done by telephonic conversation. Golden Pi team had the contact details for the existing and prospect customer. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the interviews were conducted over the telephone call.

Research Insights

07. Interview recordings

User Interview 01 (Senior Citizen)Chandrashekhar N. Joshi
00:00 / 07:41
User Interview 02 (Senior Citizen)Bishwa Nath
00:00 / 12:18
User Interview 03 (Working Individual)Yatender sharma
00:00 / 16:10
User Interview 04 (NRI)Subraniam
00:00 / 06:13
User Interview 05 (HNI)Saikat
00:00 / 06:13

Ideally, 11 users were interviewed above is a preview of some of the interviews.  

08. Interview highlights

Senior citizens

  • Steady and fixed income.

  • Concerned about safety and security.

  • Investing in government bonds as it is less risky.

  • Background research on bonds before investing.

  • Awareness about bonds and their details is not clear if investing for the first time.

  • Hesitation to invest online.

  • Hesitation to invest large amounts.

  • Doubt in transferring large amounts through virtual wallets.

Working individuals

  • Good returns and safety.

  • Less information about bonds.

  • Not investing in long tenure.

  • Comfortable doing investment online.

  • Prefer yearly or half-yearly payment frequency.

  • Have to do personal research of selected bond.

  • Information regarding bank and bank annual report not available.

  • Doubt in transferring large amounts through virtual wallets.

HNI (High Net Worth Individuals)

  • Purchasing tax-free bonds.

  • Investment in bonds is not for trading but to hold it for the tenure.

  • Need to park money for a short duration of time.

  • Investment is done online only.

  • Less information about bonds.

  • Have to do personal research of selected bond.

NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

  • Investment only in government bonds.

  • Investment for a longer tenure.

  • Steady and fixed income.

  • Investing for his family.

  • Comfortable doing investment online.

  • Less information about bonds.

  •  A lengthy process of investment.

  • Comparing bonds is very difficult.

  • Post-purchase experience is not good.

09. Persona

UX Persona - Sr Citizen.jpg
UX Persona - working individuals.jpg
UX Persona - HNI.jpg
UX Persona - NRI.jpg