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Milk app 02

Milk delivery application concept design.

The concept of the application is derived from the day-to-day life of people. It focuses on Ux flow and visual design through which the application tries to solve the problem of the user. This concept is hypothetical and is not a part of any organisation.

Design idea - Thought process

The subscription feature is the most basic feature in the app around which different ideas can be built. User flow explains how the first-time user starts subscription.

1. Token System: On every delivery, the user will earn a virtual token which he can use to buy other products. (This idea was derived from the old concept of buying milk which I encountered as a child. In the milk booths, the milkman usually handed out tokens in exchange for money. The tokens were then put into a milk machine which poured out milk based on the number of tokens used.)


2. Add on Products: The user can add extra products as add on to an existing subscription. (This idea is based on the number of family members and their different choices. Some members may prefer to have milk products while some may prefer to have juice/ coconut water for breakfast. It would be ideal if both can be delivered together as one subscription.)


3. Combo Deals: The user can subscribe to combo deals which include different products. (This idea is based on the habit of having the morning tea/ coffee along with reading the newspaper. This would also uplift two different industries together.)


- The milk delivery service is currently operating in major metro cities.

- The app is designed only for Mobile (app) consumers. 

- Regular delivery is a more important problem when compared to one-time delivery.

- Users would be comfortably prepaying a certain amount into their app wallet for regular deliveries (renewing subscription). 

- The user can buy other milk and subscription products.

- Some users can do pre-payment through cash as well.

Ui - Visual design & User flow

user flow.jpg
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